SEML is one of the first few companies in the country to produce Pellets from Iron ore Fines using Grate-Kiln technology. The technology facilitates production of superior grade feed material for DRI and Blast Furnace using ore Fines which are otherwise unusable.

After wet grinding the Fines, dewatering is done. The fine sized concentrate is mixed with binder and other additives and green balls are formed in the Disc Pelletisers

The green Pellets are preheated, dried, indurated and cooled and put in stock piles

Majority of the Pellets produced is used in house for production of DRI. The capacity of the Pellet Plant is 0.6 million tons per annum.

Specification specification is as under

Product Size %Fe %Cold compressive strength as per IS 8625 :1986 %Tumbler Index as per IS 6495 :1984 Abrasion Index
Iron ore Pellet 5 to 16 mm (oversize & undersize 5% max) 63-64 230 Kg / Pellet min 95 % min 4 % max