Thermal Power

At SEML, we strongly believe in deriving 'Synergy in Energy'. Energy, in essence has been the foundation of our success. SEML prides itself in being one of the select companies which is 100% self-sufficient in its energy requirements. Currently, we are operating 81.5 MW thermal power plant at our Siltara plant. The energy generated is captively used in our sponge iron, billet, ingot and ferro alloys plants.

Company has planned for future expansion of an Integrated Steel Plant. Company also proposes to set up 2 x 660 MW merchant thermal power plant in phases, in the state of Chhattisgarh.

SEML firmly believes in utilization of renewable energy and in that respect has commissioned a 4.8 MW hydro power plant in the state of Uttranchal. The construction activity of 96 MW at Sikkim has already commenced from October, 2010. Company also proposes to install four more hydro power projects of 24 MW capacity in the state of Chhattisgarh. The construction of one 24 MW capacity will commence from Oct, 2011.

 Solar Power

We had installed 2x 100 KW solar power system in siltara to take first step to use of renewable solar energy in our plant premises and it is backing up power plant.

We are also planning to settle 5 X100 Kw solar power system again in siltara for same use which will commenced to start from April 2012.

Now SEML playing the major role in Green energy field .

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"Go Clean - Go Green"