Sarda Metals & Alloys Limited
Sarda Metals & Alloys Limited (SMAL) , a wholly owned subsidiary is operating 2 x 33 MVA Ferro Alloys plant backed by 80 MW captive thermal power plant. During the year, power generation was 612.83 MU as against 601.50 MU in the previous year. The ferro alloys production (including MnO slag) stood at 49,955 MTs as against 57,143 MT in the previous year. The company’s exports stood at Rs 87 crore as against Rs 139 crore in the previous year. The production and export of ferro alloys was curtailed due to adverse market conditions. Power accounted for more than half the revenue of the Company while ferro alloys contributed around 48% of the revenue. Inspite of adverse market conditions the company has reported profit before tax of Rs 4.86 crore against Rs 7.20 crore reported in the previous year. The profit after tax for the year is negative Rs 2.56 crore because of derecognition of MAT credit of Rs 4.45 crore. The company has derecognise MAT credit looking into the substantial amount of Unabsorbsed Depreciation as per the Income Tax Act.
Annual Reports
   SMAL Annual Report 2015-16.pdf
   SMAL Annual Report 2014-15.pdf
   SMAL Annual Report 2014-15.pdf
   SMAL Annual Report 2013-14.pdf
   SMAL Annual Report 2012-13.pdf
   SMAL Annual Report 2011-12.pdf
   SMAL Annual Report 2010-11.pdf
   SMAL Annual Report 2009-10.pdf
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