At SEML we harness people power i.e. provide an environment where individuals can build upon their strengths and choose to work in the area of their liking be it production, finance, accounts, marketing, quality control, human resources etc. Working with a diverse group of passionate, enthusiastic and talented people who on a daily basis try to find ways of doing same things in better way is what makes the SEML experience different.

If you share this passion of making everyday work an enjoyable experience and building a career that you can be proud of, you should be asking why not SEML?

Work Environment & Culture

SEML offers a very open, professional and entrepreneurial environment, where each day people having varied and rich business experience collaborate to deliver superior products & services to our customers. But the SEML culture goes far beyond improving product quality. We place a huge emphasis on the overall development of our people and their quality of life.

Ethical Conduct At SEML, we believe that success is equally important as the methods we adopt to achieve them. We expect all SEML people to strictly abide by the Code of Conduct which sets out the basic tenets on how we conduct our business around the world.

Diversity Fostering an environment where people embrace diversity in entirety is very crucial for today's global workplace. At SEML, we encourage a culture that is open and welcomes people from diverse backgrounds having different viewpoints, ideas and different opinions.

Work-Life Balance At SEML we realize the demands that today's fast paced life puts on our people's time - in the workplace, at home or in the local community. That's why we are working towards an environment where work and personal life cease as competing with each other.

Learning & Development

SEML's success depends hugely on the skills and knowledge that its people bring to the workplace. To ensure that our people are always in the forefront of their respective fields, we encourage continuous learning. On a regular basis, employees are encouraged to attend various seminars, guest lectures and workshops for personal development.

Top Tier Compensation At SEML, we strongly believe that compensation should be tied to your performance and the overall success of the company. This is why SEML has established a pay-for-performance approach to compensation, in which all employees are required to identify their Key Result Areas (KRA) and work towards achieving the same.

Reward & Recognition At SEML, we believe in acknowledging your good work and superior performance and showing our appreciation for the same. There are various ways in which we recognize and reward good performance such as cash bonuses, public appreciation and awards to name a few.