Time Line
1979 The Sarda Group took over Raipur Alloys and Steel Limited (RASL) (earlier Raipur Wires & Steel Limited), a sick and closed entity.

1981 Commissioned a 10 MT electric arc furnace to produce ingots.

1984Installed a continuous casting machine/ billet casting machine, the fourth company in India to do so at that time.

1987Implemented the first automated oxygen lancing plant in Madhya Pradesh to feed oxygen in the arc furnace.

1990Implemented the first automated ultra-high power furnace (25 MTPD) and ladle refining furnace (25 MTPD) in Madhya Pradesh.

1993Commissioned first sponge iron plant (100 MTPD) with modern SIL technology.

1995 Commissioned second sponge iron plant (100 MTPD).

2001Commissioned a 24-MW captive power plant in Chhattisgarh Electricity Company Limited (CECL). CECL installed 2x9-MVA closed-top ferro alloys furnaces. RASL commenced production in 2x6 MT induction furnaces.

2002Implemented an integrated Oracle-based ERP solution.

2003Commenced a fly ash brick plant of 6000 units per day to utilize hazardous fly ash from captive power plant. CECL installed third 9 MVA ferro alloys furnace.

2004Commenced extraction from RASL iron ore mines in Rajnandgaon (Dongarbore, Chhattisgarh). RASL augmented its sponge iron capacity through another 500 MTPD kiln. Doubled the fly ash brick-making capacity to 240 lakh units per annum.

2005CECL installed fourth 9 MVA ferro alloys furnace. CECL installed second 24 MW power plant. RASL achieved QMS certification of ISO 9001:2000.

2006Augmented steel-making capacity by 100,000 MTPA ( 2X15 tonnes). Installed the fifth 9 MVA ferro alloys furnace. Achieved the coveted Star Export House status from the Government of India.

2007Sarda Energy & Minerals Limited came into existence on 2 August 2007 following the merger of CECL with RASL.

2008Increased steel-making capacity by another 100,000 TPA (2x15 tonnes). Commissioned a 4.8 MW hydro power project through an SPV. Implemented SAP ERP system.